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I love swimming, while the rest of my family was watching the rugby I was glued to swimming, and when the Olympic swimmers competed, I watched every stroke and technique of each competing swimmer, dreaming of being that good.
Mum and Dad decided netball would be my sport, because all of my family played it, we had a family team that competed weekends.
But that didn’t stop my love for swimming, I joined my school swim teams, I never made it into state competitions but I still love swimming, today I swim in the adult swim team.

This is not where my story ends, my children share my love for swimming and have made it into state completions for the swim club and into the inter-school sports swim teams, so I still spend most of my week at the pool like I did when I was young and love it.

The amount of swimsuits, goggles and swim training equipment that we have gone through over the years is anyone’s guess, and I have seen all body shapes and sizes at the pool and beach, that is why it is exciting to bring a wide range of bikinis, swimsuits and accessories to our swimming community.

When I am not swimming I sew and design cloths, although our range of bikinis and swimsuits are not my creations, it is exciting to be able to bring bikinis and swimsuits that I know perform well in competition, and are stylish for casual swimming.

So if you are a casual or competitive swimmer we have something for you.

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